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A New Vision For Kaipara’s Libraries Read more

A New Vision For Kaipara’s Libraries

Libraries are no longer just a place for books and research but are also community hubs where people can gather for social or educational reasons, and learn about, access, and/or use technology. The library strategy was made possible with support from the New Zealand Library Partnership fund.

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Vote 2022 - Get Kids Involved! Read more

Vote 2022 - Get Kids Involved!

We want more Kiwis to get involved in the 2022 Local Authority Elections and that includes tamariki - our future voters! 

The Ngā Pōti ā-Taiohi - Youth Voting initiative is for tamariki aged between 11-15 years old (school years 7 to 10). It replicates the local authority elections taking place in each area in their akomanga, classroom.

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Ukraine's Libraries on the frontline! Read more

Ukraine's Libraries on the frontline!

Libraries are playing vital roles in supporting Ukraine's war effort during the Russian invasion by providing bomb shelters, to making camouflage nets for the military and countering disinformation. And, yes, books!

The full NPR article can be read in full HERE.

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Recognition for our library staff Read more

Recognition for our library staff

Did you know Public Libraries deliver positive economic, social, and cultural outcomes for communities in Aotearoa New Zealand through equitable and free access to information, opportunities for lifelong learning, literacies, and creativity and through democratic engagement and participation?

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City Library Prayer Space Read more

City Library Prayer Space

Preserving the dignity and affirming the value of our community members is critical in times of change and uncertainty. The Spiritual and Prayer Space is part of a wider commitment to respect and support people of all backgrounds and in recognition of their right to spiritual well-being,

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Alert Level 4 Read more

Alert Level 4

We've been through this before so our libraries are working behind the scenes to ensure their customers can still access services.

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Going electric in Upper Hutt! Read more

Going electric in Upper Hutt!


Blessed by Matua Kura Moeahu of Te Āti Awa, this service provides greater access to library resources around Upper Hutt visiting various community spaces including schools and rest homes.

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Funding supports library sector Read more

Funding supports library sector

July 2020. The New Zealand Libraries Partnership Programme (NZLPP) funding package is established to retain and support librarians and library services so they can further help community recovery from COVID-19. This has enabled free and easy access to the internet and digital services.

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Matariki Read more


Matariki is a cluster of stars visible in the night sky during our winter.  This year, it appears iin the dawn sky it signalling the start of the Māori New Year.

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Introducing PLNZ Read more

Introducing PLNZ

Promoting and supporting public libraries in New Zealand. so they can continue to provide a vital service, improve community well-being, and support life-long learning.

Enabling public libraries to continue to provide a vital service, improve community well-being, and support life-long learning.

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Te Pouhuaki | National Librarian, Rachel Esson, explains Read more

Te Pouhuaki | National Librarian, Rachel Esson, explains

Libraries have been around for thousands of years. If society kept everything ever written whether, on tablet, scroll, parchment or illustrated manuscript, it would be a very crowded house. Culling book collections or "weeding" is a regular practice within libraries where contemporary technologies and a commitment to sustainability and good business (libraries’ budgets are finite) ensure library users can still access international publications online, as well as through interloan.




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Upper Hutt Libraries go fine-free! Read more

Upper Hutt Libraries go fine-free!

Upper Hutt Libraries joins the movement to make public libraries more accessible. While many libraries have dropped fines for children and teens, Upper Hutt Libraries is the fourth public library in New Zealand to remove all overdue fees.


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The History of Public Libraries in New Zealand Read more

The History of Public Libraries in New Zealand

Read about our long and interesting history - thanks to the

New Zealand’s first public library, The Port Nicholson Exchange and Public Library, opened in Wellington in 1841. It was established by a group of the city’s first settlers, and operated for one year, at the corner of Charlotte Street (now Molesworth Street) and Lambton Quay, an area now occupied by the Wellington cenotaph. Read more about NZ's first public library.


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Keep New Zealand Reading Read more

Keep New Zealand Reading

Read NZ Te Pou Muramura is Igniting a love for reading and encouraging all New Zealanders to read more.

The aim is to inspire reluctant or non-readers to pick up a book. After all, reading is one of the most accessible, affordable, and enjoyable activities there is, and its benefits are well documented.

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Any Questions Read more

Any Questions

Homework can be a bore, school projects stressful but it doesn’t have to be! AnyQuestions offers free, online help to assist New Zealand students with their schoolwork.

Managed by the National Library of New Zealand and staffed by friendly, trained librarians from around the country.

It’s easy and fun. Using online chat, AnyQuestions librarians work with students to unpack their questions.

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Cool writing programme for Teens Read more

Cool writing programme for Teens

Your story matters. Write your story now.

WCL has set up a ‘virtual classroom’ for teens who are in isolation. Programme administrator Stephen says, “This time in lockdown is particularly worrying and isolating for teenagers and I thought this would be a nice way of keeping them connected with each other and the library”.

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Librarians on the front line. Read more

Librarians on the front line.

During a crisis, librarians are there on the frontline.  They number among the unsung heroes and heroines. Often ‘second responders’ stepping up for their communities during manmade and natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods, shootings, eruptions, and financial recessions.

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Opinion Piece - The New Norm Read more

Opinion Piece - The New Norm

I live in a small rural town. For us the lockdown has been heaven. None of the constant traffic or explosions of population during the tourist season. Like elsewhere in New Zealand we have experienced, cleaner air, birdsong and friendship with our neighbours in ways not possible before the pandemic. A stroll down the street is met with cheery waves and “How are you doing? Keeping safe?

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Blokes vs Books Read more

Blokes vs Books

Men don’t read. True or false? Or do they read more non-fiction and product manuals than works of fiction? Maybe they don’t realise how powerful it is for kids to see their Dad reading? Or that reading is a brain food with many proven neurological benefits.

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