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Kia ora! Welcome to Public Libraries of New Zealand

"Literacy is a system of codes just waiting to be cracked! once you have, the world becomes an easier place to navigate .”



Literacy: the ability to read and write, to acquire computer literacy, to improve your financial literacy, to recognise emotional literacy, to learn about cultural literacy.

Literacy: a person's knowledge of a particular subject or field.

It's a big word that means "smarts". 

To understand, to know, to feel confident.

Today’s libraries are where people feed their imaginations, rebuild their lives, find direction, upskill themselves, and put growth, understanding and tolerance into practice. 


In a world overloaded with information, spotting fake from fact is vitally important for decision making.  Having access to trusted and reliable information is mission-critical. Literate communities are more cohesive, stable and high-functioning, more resilient, tolerant, and better able to develop and participate in enterprise and growth opportunities in all things life. Check us out.


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What’s happening around the country?

Wild weather closes libraries Wild weather closes libraries

Wild weather closes libraries

Levin Library closes as tornado rips through the community

Severe flooding in Shannon and a violent tornado in Levin has led to the closing of libraries.

A New Vision For Kaipara’s Libraries A New Vision For Kaipara’s Libraries

A New Vision For Kaipara’s Libraries

Kaipara District Council adopts ten year library strategy

Libraries are no longer just a place for books and research but are also community hubs where people can gather for social or educational reasons,...
Ukraine Library Relief Fund Ukraine Library Relief Fund

Ukraine Library Relief Fund

Ukrainian librarians have kept libraries open for as long as possible!

Dozens of libraries in cities and towns throughout Ukraine have been severely damaged or destroyed since the beginning of Russian aggression.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage under fire. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage under fire.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage under fire.

No historical re-connection but erasure.

PLNZ Executive Director, Hilary Beaton,  writes on Ukraine's fight to retain its cultural heritage and democratic freedom.

Tauranga City Library Tauranga City Library

Tauranga City Library

"more colourful and visually exciting"

The Library's temporary move from Willow St to a site on Devonport Rd is now complete.


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