Funding supports library sector

Funding supports library sector
Hilary Beaton
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Funding supports library sector

The New Zealand Libraries Partnership Programme (NZLPP) has created 180 library roles.

May 2021. Public Libraries of New Zealand (PLNZ)* is invited to submit a proposal for a strategic partnership grant. The non-contestable grants are an opportunity to build on the work already delivered by the NZLPP and broaden its support to the wider library sector in a strategic way that contributes to its sustainability.

Encouraged to partner with others, including those outside the library sector, the proposal submitted had to demonstrate alignment to the programme’s objectives. Reviewed by members of the Library and Information Advisory Commission (LIAC), the National Library’s advisory body provided the final recommendations.

PLNZ has partnered with Taituarā** to drive a coordinated approach to national data collection that is sharable and reusable by others within, the public library sector. It will also bring together the data intelligence of the Well-being Data Warehouse, already being used within almost 50 councils, and within PLNZ’s LibPAS data from 360+ libraries nationally, linking the public library data to well-being outcomes to make a compelling case for public libraries.

This Joint Initiative was approved and the first stages of the programme are underway.

PLNZ is the professional association of public library managers. They build capacity for their members and their key staff to ensure the development of consistently excellent public library services throughout New Zealand.

**  Taituarā is the Local Government Professionals Aotearoa and has all councils in New Zealand as their membership. This allows them to reach a broad range of personnel within a council from the Executive level through to Managers and front-line staff.

Photograph courtesy of the National Library.

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