Fighting Censorship is a global issue

Fighting Censorship is a global issue
Hilary Beaton
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Fighting Censorship is a global issue

The rise of policy challenges and outright removal of books from libraries in the United States and elsewhere is a concern for libraries worldwide. 

Today’s libraries are where people feed their imaginations, rebuild their lives, find direction, upskill themselves, and put growth, understanding and tolerance into practice. 

Public Libraries make available the widest possible range of viewpoints, opinions, and ideas, so that every person has the opportunity to freely read and consider information and ideas regardless of their content or the viewpoint of the author. Recently, we have seen, here and overseas, incursions on our democratic rights and the rise of mis- and dis-information. 

A commitment to intellectual freedom and social justice requires that libraries not only protect the truth from suppression, but also prevent its distortion. 

To make clear distinctions between fact and fiction requires the professional expertise of librarians working in partnership with their communities to curate collections that serve the information needs of all their users.

Successful library services do not just happen.

Trusted, accurate and evidence-based information is core to public library services. But this is being challenged by social media outlets that pedal myths and misconceptions.

In this environment, librarians and library staff constantly have new demands placed upon them, requiring them to rapidly acquire new skills, particularly in delivering services online in an informative and engaging way. Knowledge of digital tools, apps, devices, content sources, getting the best from search engines, and discovery tools has become core to delivering services when face-to-face time is limited.

The aim is to inspire and to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement in those things that are core for our collective wellbeing. 



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